Visitors to the Hookline smokehouse on Route 28 can find a variety of cuts, each with a distinct flavor. We also sell quiche, pate and chowder, all made with our delicious smoked salmon.


Hookline Fish Company - Primos assortment


These long pieces are taken from the center of the salmon fillet. They look elegant and taste great ― the perfect combination of muscle and fat. Each Primo slice weighs about 4 ounces.

Hookline Fish Company - Collars assortment


Irregular in shape but always delicious, the collar is cut from the oil-saturated area closest to the head of the fish. The thick Collars tend to be slightly less salty than our smaller cuts.

Hookline Fish Company - Tails assortment


Our tails are a well done delicacy often described as “hard-smoked”. These thin, lean cuts are placed on the bottom racks of our smokers to absorb even more smoke flavor. The result is a healthy snack that travels well.

Hookline Fish Company - Fat Boys assortment

Fat Boys

These thick, slightly less salty cuts come from the meaty loin near the head of the salmon where the muscular flesh is thicker. Enjoy them as-is, crumble them into a creamy pasta, or make a delicious omelet.

Hookline Fish Company - Fingerlings


These lean, delicate cuts come from the area near the tail where the flesh is still more muscle than fat. Consequently they are finger-size pieces of crowd pleasing heaven that will be the star attraction in your next brunch spread.

Hookline Fish Company - Quiche

Quiche & more

Hungry for more? We also make smoked salmon quiche, sold as whole pies or 3-inch “Tiny” quiches. Also available is pate and chowder made with our smoked salmon.