Hookline Fish Company buys raw Atlantic salmon from Hidden Fjord, an aquaculture farm in the Faroe Islands. Hidden Fjord uses no antibiotics or growth hormones, and its practices set the industry standard for sustainability. We believe Faroe Islands Atlantic salmon is a better choice than wild salmon for our smoked fish. Here’s why:

Taste: Farm-raised Atlantic salmon has more fat than wild salmon – more than even premium wild king salmon. Extra fat gives Hookline’s smoked salmon a buttery taste and rich texture.

Freshness: Salmon raised in the Faroe Islands can be harvested, filleted and shipped to New York quickly, and the fish’s temperature is tightly controlled each step of the way. Wild Alaskan salmon takes longer to reach the East Coast, and the fish often arrives with a pale color, mushy texture and fishy odor – signs it’s not fresh.

Availability: Fresh farm-raised Atlantic salmon is reliably available year-round. Most wild salmon is harvested seasonally during weeks when the fish return to their spawning rivers.

Traceability: Hookline’s raw salmon is shipped from the Faroe Islands to seafood distributors in The Bronx, and then to us. We know exactly what we’re buying. Wild salmon often changes hands many times, and that can lead to mislabeling. A 2015 study by the nonprofit group Oceana found 40 percent of salmon in New York labeled “wild caught” was in fact farm-raised fish.

Price: Farm-raised salmon costs less than wild salmon. That helps us keep our prices lower.