Northwest-style smoked salmon

made in New York's Hudson Valley



Faroe Islands Salmon


Our salmon comes from Hidden Fjord, a seafood producer based in the Faroe Islands. Hidden Fjord’s Atlantic salmon is sustainably raised without hormones or antibiotics, and the quality and freshness is always superb.

Menu & Prices


We sell a variety of cuts including Salmon Belly, Tails, Primos, Fat Boys, and Fingerlings. You also won't want to miss our Smoked Salmon Paté, Chowder and Quiche, all made from scratch at our smokehouse. 

Visit Hookline Fish Company

Hookline Fish Company’s smokehouse is at 906 State Route 28, just four miles up the hill from the New York Thruway at Exit 19. We’re part of Route 28’s “Gourmet Row,” a line of small specialty food shops. 



"Finally, Northwest-style smoked salmon has arrived in New York. Delicious, beautifully packaged and easy to serve. What a great treat!"